What Does Detox Mean?

  • What Does Detox Mean?

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    When faced with the misery, suffering, and anguish of addiction, those addicted or their family members know that something has to be done. Perhaps you have heard about rehab, but you may have wondered what does rehab mean? Well, rehab may be your best and perhaps only avenue for restoring a person's rightful health, happiness, sanity, and sobriety! So make your next move to get started. Your next move is to receive free, confidential guidance and help by filling out our contact form or by calling our rehab and detox hotline!

    If there is any question you are contending with an immediate medical emergency, dial 911 now to reach emergency services. Untreated addiction can quickly deteriorate into susceptibility for illness, injury, disease, hospitalization, incarceration, mental hygiene institutionalization, or even death! If the situation is not this progressed yet, expect that it will be soon. It is your responsibility to ACT NOW!

    What Does Detox Mean? - Rehab and Detox Explained

    Rehab means to rehabilitate or restore, referring to restoring a person back to a state before they abused or became addicted to drugs. Rehab also can refer to the course of treatment for drug or alcohol dependence or for a rehab facility, inpatient or outpatient, itself. REHAB SAVES LIVES!

    Detox is short for detoxification. Detox means a process or a period of time in which one abstains or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances, in this case drugs. Detox can also refer to the course of treatment for withdrawing from drug or alcohol dependence or a detox facility itself. DETOX SAVES LIVES!

    In the cases of many addictions, the first order of action is through detox where a person is safely and humanely tapered through their withdrawal symptoms. Once they are stabilized, at that point they will actually enter the rehab process. The good news is that many of the reputable rehabs offer detox services on site. In fact the person who is suffering along with concerned family members usually have to do very little in terms of assembling the treatment and rehab plan. Qualified, professional experts are standing by now ready to help you to assemble the measures that result in permanent sobriety!

    So what can you expect from rehab and detox?

    Safe environments that are drug and alcohol free (with the exception of legitimately prescribed medication) and where a person can focus on the task at hand of getting well

    Being treated with compassion and commitment by qualified professionals

    Overcoming the pain and suffering of withdrawal symptoms safely and humanely, until well stabilized

    Addressing any underlying or co-occurring issues such as chronic pain, cirrhosis, depression, or anxiety

    Counseling/therapy to help a person alleviate the emotional burden associated with addiction

    Address to relapse prevention as well as discharge planning that should provide options for continuing care or aftercare

    Detox and rehab should thoroughly put a person in a position to be able to stay sober and succeed in life!

    Detox Saves Lives! Don't Wait! Call us at

    What Does Detox Mean? - The Final Solution of Rehab and Detox

    Now that you know more about what detox and rehab mean, you are ready to start the process of renewing a person's life! But where should you begin? By contacting us, you are activating a network of advocates who are entirely committed to your successful detox and/or rehab endeavor! Our assistance can really go a long way in bringing education, compassion, stability, and potential for success to your situation! We are happy to be members of YOUR team!

    Although our knowledge and expertise regarding rehab and detox can so often prove to be completely invaluable, we offer our help for free!

    What does rehab mean? Rehab means that a person no longer has to be enslaved to the suffering and sorrow of addiction. Rehab means that a person can renew their self-respect, dignity, ambition, sanity, and sobriety! It is time to take your next step towards that end! Your next step is to receive free, confidential assistance by filling out our contact form online or by calling our detox and rehab helpline.

    What Does Detox Mean?

    Detox Saves Lives! Don't Wait! Call us at

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